On June 6, 2020

On June 6, 1980 (40 years ago) we got engaged.❤️

On June 6, 1990 (30 years ago) I defended my thesis. The structure of the first bacterial virus, MS2.

On June 6, 1991  (29 years ago) I received my diploma and my laurel wreath. 🍃

Some reasons to raise the flag.

The picture shows the three-dimensional structure of MS2 coat protein as silver necklace and the icosaedral virus capsid in silver plate.

Mini-exhibition June 4, 2020

A small exhibition at the Stickspår design shop.




We were outdoors, below the cargo dock, at a proper distance. There was no risk of congestion.




Virus capsid – Icosahedron

Handmade jewelry showing two sizes of my silver icosahedron. An icosahedron is made up of 20 equilateral triangles fused together in a spherical shape. The icosahedral structure is common among viruses.


Larger & medium sized virus capsid in silver.

Long time ago I solved the first capsid structure of a bacterial virus, MS2. MS2 is a small icosahedral virus.

 To show an icosahedron I used to form it in paper now I have shaped it in thin silver plate.

Propofol necklace in silver & gold

Propofol is a short-acting medication that results in a decreased level of consciousness. Its uses include the starting and maintenance of anesthesia. It’s also used to sedate a patient who is under critical care and needs ventilator.

Handmade pendant of propofol in Sterling silver wire with the OH group as a 18K gold ball.

The International Parkinson Day – April 11

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that the brain uses to send signals between the brain cells. In Parkinson’s disease, the cells that produce dopamine are destroyed. The lack of dopamine gives rise to impaired motor skills. James Parkinson was born in London, April 11, 1755.  He was, among other things, a surgeon and apothecary and he is primarily known for his work “An Essay on the Shaking Palsy” published in 1817. Parkinson was the first to systematically describe the symptoms of the disease that bears his name.

Tie holder
Jacket pin










On April 11, the International Parkinson Day is highlighted around the world. A small portion, 10%, of the sales of my dopamine jewelry goes to the Parkinson’s Association Research Fund.

Favipiravir – a possible drug to treat COVID-19?

Favipiravir is an antiviral drug. Results from China have shown that favipiravir seemed to be effective in treating COVID-19 in Wuhan and Shenzhen.

Favipavir molecule

Pendant of favipiravir in silver with the F-atom as a blue enameled silver ball, N-atoms as oxidized silver balls and the oxygens as silver balls.