Welcome to my web-site with handmade science inspired silver jewelry!

DNA with gold mutation

On this site you will find a selection of silver jewelry designed and made by me, Karin Valegård. January 2013 I started my business Valegård Design. I only work with Sterling Silver (silver 925) and fine silver (silver 999), sometimes combined with gold. All my jewelry is handmade and may vary slightly in design. Each jewelry is unique.

I am protein crystallographer, ie I determine the three-dimensional structure of proteins using X-ray crystallography. Proteins are molecules composed of amino acids in a long chain. They have many different functions depending on how the chain is folded. I love and I am very fascinated of protein structures. The schematic form is a jewel in itself and a few years ago I started to form protein structures in thin silver wire. I gave the first silver protein to my PhD student on her doctoral dissertation. I have continued to make different kinds of proteins in silver wire, as necklace or earrings. On my web-side I show myoglobin, the first protein structure determined at the end of the 1950s, various protein hormones, the DNA-helix and bacteriorhodopsin, Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2017. I’ve been selling my silver creations at the Nobel Museum in Stockholm and Museum Gustavianum in Uppsala since 2014. This is a perfect piece of silver jewelry for you who are looking for a different gift.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

All silver jewelry is labeled VALE and the silver stamp 925 (Sterling Silver 925).



August/September 2019, Ulva market, Uppsala

July 2019, “Silver jewelry inspired by science”, Galleri Upsala, Uppsala

April 2019, SciCruise, Stockholm-Turko

April 2019, GE Healthcare, Boländerna, Uppsala

March 2019, Uppsala Business Park, Uppsala

March 2019, SciFest, Uppsala

November 2018, GE Healthcare, Boländerna, Uppsala

November 2018, Uppsala Business Park, Uppsala

September 2018, Ulva market, Uppsala

April 2018, SciCruise, Stockholm-Turko

March 2018, SciFest, Uppsala

December 2017, Wallenberg Center for Molecule Medicine symposium, Linköping

Juni 2017, Structure biology conference, Tällberg

November 2016, “All light on Uppsala”, Galleri Upsala, Uppsala

September 2016, Akademiska sjukhuset, Uppsala University Hospital, Uppsala

April 2016, Medical Products Agency, Uppsala

October 2015, “Light at Gallery Upsala”, Galleri Upsala, Uppsala



Från proteinkristallograf till silversmed (Tid & Smycken, nr1, 2019)

Dopamin – nu som smycke (Parkinsonjournalen, nr 1, 2019)

Silversmed avslöjar kristallers hemligheter (Universen, 2014)