Science inspired silver jewelry

When science and art meets, exciting things happen.

Curiosity is awakened.

After having worked for many years as a protein crystallographer and researcher in molecular biology, I am today an artist and jewelry designer, currently making silver pieces inspired by science. Protein sctructures, small molecules and DNA all have beautiful shapes, which I use to create unique silver jewlery. All jewelry is handmade in Sterling silver 925, occationally combined with 19 carat gold.



In collaboration with the Nobel Museum, I design jewelry that brings to light the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicin, Physics as well in Chemistry.



Are you or your friend working on a molecule or a protein that would make a nice jewelry?  It can be a perfect and unusual gift.

New gold plated silver jewelry

I have several times been asked if I don’t have my science jewelry in gold. I can make the jewelry entirely in gold, but the price will then be very high. I have chosen to gold plate some of my popular jewelry.


The caffeine molecule and the Tree of Life in silver 925 with a layer of 24 carat gold.







Tree of life in silver 925

The tree of life is a new silver necklace in my webshop.


The tree of life shows how organisms are related to each other. The relationships are presented in the form of phylogenetic trees. The branches correspond to lines of development, and the tips of the branches represent groups of organisms.



10 year anniversary

2014 was the year I designed my first silver jewelry for the Nobel Museum!

I formed proteins, which had previously been awarded the Nobel Prize, in silver wire. Since then, I have designed jewelry inspired by the Nobel Prize in chemistry, physics and/or medicine. An amazing honour.

Potassium channel










Happy New Year!

I wish everyone a Happy New 2024!!!




Hope to see you next year. I will be, among other things, at the Art Show in Saluhallen on April 13th, Galleri Uppsala from April 26th to May 2nd and the Craft Fair in Båstad from July 26th to 28th.

Christmas market at Herresta Lada, December 17th 2023

The last Christmas market of the year will be on Sunday, the third Advent, at Herrestad Lada.



Take the opportunity to book a go’fika at the cozy café and visit us as an exhibitor. Why not buy the last Christmas present?


Nobel jewelry at the Medical History Museum, December 10th 2023

On Nobel Day, December 10th, the exhibition ‘Nobel jewelry’ opens at the Medical History Museum in Uppsala. Silver jewelry designed and formed by me. From the insulin molecule to silver jewelry inspired by this year’s Nobel Prize in medicine, physics and chemistry.




The exhibition is open until Thursday, December 21.

The museum is open Tuesday and Thursday 1-5 p.m.

Christmas market at the cultural quarter Walmstedtska, December 9th 2023

One of my Christmas markets will be on Saturday 9 December at the Walmstedtska cultural quarter. It will be silver jewelry inspired by science. From the dopamine molecule to this year’s Nobel Prizes in medicine, physics and chemistry.

A Christmas market filled with art, culture, anticipation, Christmas spirit, joy, crafts and the little extra. 🎄

Warm welcome!