Light at Gallery Upsala

We’re organizing an exhibition at Gallery Upsala starting on Halloween (Oct 31st) and running until Nov 5th under the title “Light at Gallery Upsala”.
We’ll show
– prints of some artistic coherent X-ray diffraction images
– stroboscopic illumination and high speed photography
– protein and DNA jewelry
– 10000 Watts of tungsten halogen light
– living photosynthetic picoplankton (synecococcus and prochlorococcus marinus)

DNA jewelry

Following a request from the Nobel Museum I designed my variant of the DNA helix. A simple form that displays the major and minor groove. I made both necklace and earrings and they were ready in time for Nobel prize ceremony, December 10.  One DNA pendantstarred‘ in the Nobel studio on Swedish television, SVT.

DNA earrings