Special orders

I design and make silver jewelery inspired by science.

Do you have a molecule or a protein you would like to have as a silver jewelry?

Some jewelry that has been specially ordered as a dissertation gift, exam present, farewell gift …

If you want a jewelry that I have not yet designed, contact me, info@valegarddesign.

Old Christmas market at Löfstad Castle

On the 2nd of Advent, 4 & 5 December, at 11 am – 5 pm, I will be present with my science-inspired silver jewelry and some Christmas-inspired silver jewelry at Löfstad Castle outside Norrköping.


My exhibition in the servants’ dining room at Löfstad Castle.



Löfstad Castle – one of Östergötland’s most magnificent castles. The castle was built in 1636, and since the last owner, Emelie Piper passed away in 1926, time has stood still.






Christmas market at Herresta Lada

During the four Advent Sundays, between 11-17, there will be a Christmas market at Herresta Lada in Odensala just outside Sigtuna.


I will be there with my scienceinspired silver jewelry and some Christmas inspired silver jewelry the first Advent (28/11), the third Advent (12/12) and the fourth Advent (19/12).

Christmas market at Botanika in Uppsala

On Saturday, November 20, there is a Christmas market at Botanika in Uppsala. 



I will be there with my science-inspired silver jewelry and some Christmas-inspired silver jewelry.

World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day falls on November 14, Frederick Banting’s birthday. Sir Frederick Banting and John McLeod, discoverers of insulin and were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine 1923.
Insulin is a hormone which lowers blood sugar levels.
The jewelry shows the three dimensional structure of the insulin molecule in silver wire.
During November and December, SEK 100/insulin jewelry will go to the Juvenile diabetes foundation (Sweden).


Nobel Prize jewelry 2021

This year’s silver jewelry inspired by the Nobel Prize in Medicine/Physiology and Chemistry have been delivered to the Nobel Museum at Stortorget in Stockholm.


Nobel Prize jewelry 2021

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2021 was awarded to David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian for their discoveries of receptors for temperature and touch.

David Julius identified TRPV1, a receptor that registers heat in the nerve fibers of the skin. He utilized capsaicin, a pungent compound from chili peppers that induces a burning sensation, to identify the receptor that responds to heat. 

This year’s Nobel Prize jewelry in Physiology/Medicine is therefore the capsaicin molecule and a small red-enameled silver chili. The capsaicin molecule in silver wire with the three oxygen atoms as silver balls.




The Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2021 was awarded to Benjamin List and David W.C MacMillan for the development of asymmetric organocatalysis.

Benjamin List showed that L-proline is an effective catalyst that can drive an asymmetric catalyst.

David W.C. MacMillan designed a simple organic molecule, MacMillan’s organocatalyst. The molecule contained a nitrogen atom that could form an iminium ion in an asymmetric catalyst.

This year’s Nobel Prize jewelry in Chemistry is the two molecules L-proline and MacMillan’s organocatalyst. Both formed in silver wire with the nitrogen atoms as silver balls and the oxygen atoms as 18K gold bolls.


L-proline, ‘List’s organocatalys’
‘MacMillan’s organocatalys’