‘Odensala konstrunda’, April 23rd-24th, 2022

The weekend of April 23rd and 24th, it’s time for the popular ‘Vårrunda’ in Odensala. A long-standing tradition where various craftsmen in Odensala open their homes to show and sell their beautiful handicraft products.



Herresta Lada is one of the places to visit and is open with an organic café, shop and exhibitors. I will be one of the exhibitors showing my silver jewelry inspired by science.

Warm welcome!

Design & Art Market, March 12, 2022

On Saturday, March 12, I will be one of the exhibitors at the Design & Art Market in Uppsala Market Hall. An event hosted by Galleri Zeitgeist. Galleri Zeitgeist supports small scale design and small creative companies, and has now brought together best talent in design, fashion and art.


Valentine’s Day

Surprise someone you like with a silver jewelry on Valentine’s Day.


– A solid silver heart cast of silver remains. Recycling. Every silver heart is unique.

– A silver necklace showing the three-dimensional structure of the nanopeptide oxytocin. Looks like a small fishing hook. 😉 Oxytocin is the Love hormone.


Covid-19 virus jewelry

At my exhibitions during autumn markets, several have asked if I don’t have covid-19 as a silver jewelry. I have replied that I have antibody jewelry. IgG, IgA and IgM. So much better.

Covid-19 and IgG antibody jewelry in Silver 925.
Covid-19 jewelry in Silver 925.
Covid-19 jewelry in Silver 925 and IgG antibody jewelry in 18K gold.












At the same time, it’s fun with a challenge. 😏 This is my design of the coronavirus. You see only a half lipid membrane with spike proteins to be able to see the protein capsid that protects the nucleic acid.

Special orders

I design and make silver jewelery inspired by science.

Do you have a molecule or a protein you would like to have as a silver jewelry?

Some jewelry that has been specially ordered as a dissertation gift, exam present, farewell gift …

If you want a jewelry that I have not yet designed, contact me, info@valegarddesign.