“Recovered silver hearts”

Of silver that is leftover when I make my science jewelry, I cast massive silver hearts

I dig out a heart shape in coal where I then melt down the silver. Each heart is unique. It has a wonderful weight and an exciting finish.

Handmade Vitamin C jewelry in silver.

Vitamin C is found in various foods.

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is an antioxidant.


I have formed the vitamin C molecule in thin silver wire, necklace and earrings. Perfect gift for yourself or a friend.

On June 6, 2020

On June 6, 1980 (40 years ago) we got engaged.❤️

On June 6, 1990 (30 years ago) I defended my thesis. The structure of the first bacterial virus, MS2.

On June 6, 1991  (29 years ago) I received my diploma and my laurel wreath. 🍃

Some reasons to raise the flag.

The picture shows the three-dimensional structure of MS2 coat protein as silver necklace and the icosaedral virus capsid in silver plate.

Mini-exhibition June 4, 2020

A small exhibition at the Stickspår design shop.




We were outdoors, below the cargo dock, at a proper distance. There was no risk of congestion.




Virus capsid – Icosahedron

Handmade jewelry showing two sizes of my silver icosahedron. An icosahedron is made up of 20 equilateral triangles fused together in a spherical shape. The icosahedral structure is common among viruses.


Larger & medium sized virus capsid in silver.

Long time ago I solved the first capsid structure of a bacterial virus, MS2. MS2 is a small icosahedral virus.

 To show an icosahedron I used to form it in paper now I have shaped it in thin silver plate.